July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Posted by:  Listen Recovery On: 21.08.11
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Common at Rock The Bells 2011

Common at Rock The Bells 2011 representing “GURU DEMO TAPE” t-shirt by THE X LABEL

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    vedell durr

    thanks for the chance to pay tribute to arguably one of the top rappers of all time, g.u.r.u. of gangstarr. also, i am a chicago cat, and you,common are also one of the top m.c.,s of all time. i saw you at house of blues with de la soul in 1997, and i also saw you at the chicago jazz festival in 1997 being interviewed by a sister from b.e.t. i had several people tell me that they saw me on b.e.t. as you were being interviewed. keep doin what you do. god bless.
    vee aka redd man.

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