July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3108
    Ya-Sin Shabazz

    Thanks for the Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited (Guru). May he be granted jannah (paradise).

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  2. 3107

    I miss that dude , he was my hero…
    Thank u preemo for this nu Gang Starr Album.

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  3. 3106

    Long time I did not hear this incredible flow … Thanks Premier for this wonderful diamond … That’s a sure shot ! Guru RIP – xxx. Greetings from the Swiss family !!!

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  4. 3105

    No other MC has been more inspiring to me than Guru, from my teenage years – to now, in my adulthood. RIP GURU!

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  5. 3104
    Bryce Sanville

    Half of a duo but one of a kind. RIP GURU

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  6. 3103

    one of the best rapper on earth eventhough he was not here, but still LEGEND

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  7. 3102
    Hayden Foote

    The the the Guru … the the the Guru … The DJ’s name is Premier and your the Gu .. and your the Guru!

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  8. 3101

    The voice that always remains relevant. One of the truest, one of the greatest. R.I.P. Guru.

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  9. 3100

    As a kid my dad used to play the Jazzmatazz albums a lot. When I got older I started listening to Gang Starr records and Guru became one of my favorite rappers. This man was truly a genius, a legend and a prophet. I almost can’t listen to Moment of Truth without crying. Rest in peace to our brother Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. Truly one of the brightest and most beautiful flowers in God’s garden.

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  10. 3099

    A Boston Brother that held it down for Brooklyn and Hip Hop. Guru never lost his way in the industry. One of the most talented rappers with TRUE skills to EVER Bless the Mic. RIP my Dear Brother.

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