July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3091

    Listened to Above The Clouds for the first time today. Inspired me to leave a tribute. RIP Guru.

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  2. 3090

    R.I.P. Keith Elam / Guru
    HipHop isn’t the same without you! I look(ed) up to you…..
    I was 16 or 17 not sure anymore but got to go last minute to a festival together with Paul van Kessel. Gangstarr didn’t show up on time because of some airport hassle. At night after the shows, people left. We waited for some friends to go home…untill I read on a small digital sign that Gang Starr would perform at 3 A.M. We ran to the venue but it was totally empty. It was small and then a bunch of people arrived, just like us not sure if you guys would really show up.

    But you did, you showed up and gave the best performance ever in front of probably a hundred people, the leftovers from the festival. And then you gave our whole group of friends backstage passes. We did some breakdancing, beatboxing, spitted some rhymes and punchlines. I couldn’t believe I could meet you together with DJ Premier and Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles etc. You guys were so down to earth.

    And then I got your XXL t-shirt which I made smaller to XS so I could wear it myself (I still have it and the one I got from Freddie as well). Thank you so much for that awesome memory, for keeping it real and ofcourse your music which I still listen to.
    I’ll never forget that “moment of truth”!

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  3. 3089

    “You Know My Steez” made me want to rap. I can still remember coming home from school, turning on BET and seeing Gang Starr come on. I stood still for the entire song. When it finished, I knew that I Hip-Hop was the genre for me.

    Guru made me want to rhyme thoughtfully and to ensure that whenever I freestyled it was “Mostly Tha Voice” that people would pay attention to, thereby keeping lyrics at the fore.

    Forever etched in my heart are the rhymes of Guru.

    Peace and Love,
    RhyMinister from Barbados.

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  4. 3088
    Michael Carroll

    One of the true greats of hip-hop, your words carry heavy meaning. Peace Guru

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  5. 3087
    Dominique Morgan

    Da Legend RIP The mark has been made The legacy forever

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  6. 3086

    I am real Guru`s fan from Poland and this is my tribute for him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPs_OAk2Al8

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  7. 3085
    James Boden

    To me Gangstarr were the definition of hiphop. Preem with the beats and Guru with the rhymes. You’d be hard pressed to find another crew or individual that put out consistently dope music. Over six years on and the legacy still stands as strong as it did 27 years ago. Rest in peace Gu. One love.

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  8. 3084
    Roger Williams

    My All time favorite rapper by far. Inspirational music on a whole other level. The music produced by Keith Elam is what Hip hop should be lyrical & Jazzy. I have all your work. I’ll never get tired of it anyone who wants to be a real MC should listen to you first point blank period. To finish off your death was shocking & caught me off guard. Rest in peace You made your mark.

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  9. 3083

    Words cannot express how amazing Guru’s legacy is. A man always way beyond the norm and intelligence out of the stratosphere. I didn’t understand it in the beginning, but Guru’s work and contribution to hip-hop and jazz alike is extraordinary and a force to be reckoned with. May he Rest In Peace

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  10. 3082
    James Kenyon

    You were the G.O.A.T in my eyes one day I hope to meet prem and talk about you with him, thanks for always bringing me back to a place I want to be. MONOTONEDON

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