July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3078
    pete bond

    hey there i made this tribute video a few years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnwr3tNdWM8 hope u enjoy

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  2. 3077

    A Hip Hop leader gone way before his time. Yours rhymes along with Premier’s beats always hit me hard during the Golden era of our artform, when there was so much to listen to. I remember being at a friend’s house and Hard to earn was playing and everyone thought I was bugging, because I had to play Mass Appeal over & over again lol. Part of one of the greatest duos from our music’s greatest time period, GURU you did it right and represented not just Hip Hop but our music forms and community in a positive way. Gone too soon. RIP fam

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  3. 3076

    Thank you for showing me real hip hop, thank you for teaching me lessons school could never have hoped too. Thank you for always being there to support me and keep me strong and wise, because all I had to do was hit play.

    Thank you Guru for being a stand up man and really being a positive role model for us younger cats. Respect and love.

    Rest in Power.

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  4. 3075

    These cats are smart
    In order for things to change we must all play a part.

    I constantly think of your words and try pass the message onto others who wouldnt listen to hip hop so never hear them. I think of you like bob marley in the sense that your message goes beyond race, class, culture and religion and i feel blessed to have grown up with your vibe and i will do my part to help change things. Real truth always breaks boundaries, as a skinny white kid growing up in the uk i feel honoured to have been blessed with your words. Moment of truth saved my mind. One love forever

    Gods. Unique. Rap. Understudy

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  5. 3074

    I was bangn Gangstarr when they first came out full-time in the ride .. introducn fools. I was a fan ever since after that. RIP Brotha Elam, I remember the era and you stood up my brotha. Thank you!

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  6. 3073
    tom moore

    Man I never got round to this website but everyday GURU your beats, inspirational quotes and yourself are all missed id do anything to bring you back. An idea that I thought would be a good way to spread your legacy would definitely be a movie. Straight outta compton was good but your story wasn’t promoting violence in the thug life it was dropping hot beats and living life to the fullest. I hope people can see that too and share this idea… After all GURU deserves this ✊

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  7. 3072
    Griffin Finesilver

    Was just having a friend listen to Robin hood theory and she found it inspiring . Your metaphors are are amazing in every song. Miss you dude!

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  8. 3071
    George Martin

    Rest In Peace Guru, one of the great emcees of our time with a distinctive and unmistakable style. Your many, many classic tracks will live on with us for the rest of time. Never to be forgotten! -Uzi J

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  9. 3070

    thank u for the music. taken too soon, but the rhymes will live forever x

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  10. 3069

    What is the word that puts you between your anger over the loss of greatness and the fact that God has everything in control. The same word that thought that Jazz and Hip-Hop should not only co-exist, but eat from the same table. What word defines the desire to bring polar ends together touching for the first time…..


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