July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3073
    tom moore

    Man I never got round to this website but everyday GURU your beats, inspirational quotes and yourself are all missed id do anything to bring you back. An idea that I thought would be a good way to spread your legacy would definitely be a movie. Straight outta compton was good but your story wasn’t promoting violence in the thug life it was dropping hot beats and living life to the fullest. I hope people can see that too and share this idea… After all GURU deserves this ✊

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  2. 3072
    Griffin Finesilver

    Was just having a friend listen to Robin hood theory and she found it inspiring . Your metaphors are are amazing in every song. Miss you dude!

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  3. 3071
    George Martin

    Rest In Peace Guru, one of the great emcees of our time with a distinctive and unmistakable style. Your many, many classic tracks will live on with us for the rest of time. Never to be forgotten! -Uzi J

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  4. 3070

    thank u for the music. taken too soon, but the rhymes will live forever x

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  5. 3069

    What is the word that puts you between your anger over the loss of greatness and the fact that God has everything in control. The same word that thought that Jazz and Hip-Hop should not only co-exist, but eat from the same table. What word defines the desire to bring polar ends together touching for the first time…..


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  6. 3068
    Aj Anderson

    Guru taught me discipline and courage through an art form that I love. Forever grateful. Peace.

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  7. 3067

    i remember what you told me.. i miss you.. and im honoured to know the truth… never forgotten <3 Love from Down Under xx

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  8. 3066
    Dj Warzone

    happy to get my GUru Signatuture shirt. man I wish you were here to see all the changes and I feel You could have done some great work with peers

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  9. 3065

    Guru, you put your talent on the wax for us.
    You may be away physically, but your words echo in our minds every day.

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  10. 3064

    thank Guru for all you have done and continue to do

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