July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3043
    Auden Woodall

    Guru, my brother my idol, you hve given ne hope and passion in lif, your music with prem an pur creativity with the mic and the way your lyrics pass yhrew my brain and inspire is amazing you a true nigga brough rap to a new veiw for me, when i pas threw the holy gates ill see you g, nameste

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  2. 3042

    Guru we gonna miss you for ever. But now you are above the clouds :)

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  3. 3041

    Guru, you and DJ Premier are the ones that introduced me to real hip hop and made me fall in love with it. Your poetic lyricism has touched, educated & inspired so many. I know you are physically gone, but your essence and soul will live on forever through your music and the people who you have influenced through your music. You have changed my life with your music thank you, god bless and Rest in Beats – Celena

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  4. 3040
    Neil C

    Hope you reppin it up there Guru, thinking bout you & the family, Hope they ok now you aint in the physical,( But always in the mental), Miss you for life

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  5. 3039

    Fam, First thing I want to see is that I truly believe you are still the greatest MC to have ever done it and my all time favorite. No other can give you that feeling on every track, every line you nod YES YES YES because it’s as if he is saying what you feel and in such a dope way you can only be in agreement with his sentiments and approach. A piece of you lives on through fans like me who cherish your contribution and keep your name alive. Your Rhymes taught me that knowledge, wisdom and understanding were tougher then brawn. I can go on for days describing the ways but lastly I’d like to point out the track Above The Clouds and say that it is probably one of the best tracks in the history of the game. My love goes out to the Elam family , stay strong and stay proud and most of all Love life

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  6. 3038

    You were a mentor a big brother and opened so many doors for me . Even at this point I received my second deal and your name continued to come up. You are a positive energy that gives me favor in my art. Thank you for beleiving in me bro thank you for singling me out . I have to give back so I got with Big Shug and Phat Gary to push this record “Propaganda” we will be sending all profits to go to KC.

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  7. 3037
    Roberto Maietta

    Keith Elam R.I.P.

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  8. 3036
    (Mrs) Miz T Tang

    Guru’s music is a continual education and always takes you back to the moment you first heard it and the immense swell of emotion you felt. Pure vibes to the ears and a sharp pulse to the mind. Stimulating, inspiring, beautiful. I’m so grateful to have his music in my collection. Remembering his “Universal” Magnificence. Rest In Power (Gifted to us all 17/07/61)

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  9. 3035
    Aidan Wallace

    Guru, you were the only man that could make a white boy from West Texas understand this world and why it hates. I understand much more about my politics, my race, and my spirituality because of your lyrical content.

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste;
    I show love cause it’s a terrible thing to hate.”


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  10. 3034
    Copernicus Green

    Just listening to Pandora and your music came up in the rotation, OMG!!! your lyrics were ill. Knowledge dropping on a constant. Definitely not forgotten.
    As-Salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatuallah.

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