July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3018
    Ethan Hogg

    Thanks for the music, rest in peace

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  2. 3017
    Patrick Nnama

    I don’t think your memory has been celebrated as it should have. In my eyes you were and remain one of the most influential members of a highly exclusive league of extraordinary MC’s. You really did make heads explode by your lyrical content. R.I.P Guru!

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  3. 3016

    R.I.P. Legend. Legends never day. your body is not here anymore but your soul and your legacy lives forever. There is a remixtap tribute I’ve been working on for years. I wanna know if y;all could post it here.

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  4. 3015

    Yes Guru happy new year, still around living large forever!

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  5. 3014
    Jazzy Wayz

    R.I.P. Guru…

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  6. 3013
    Vratislav Indra

    GURU, thank for your words, thank you for GangStarr…just thank you!

    Here is my small but candid tribute for you:

    RIP there, ….above the clouds :)

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  7. 3012
    Paul Alvarez

    It’s an indescribable feeling to have the ability to listen to Gangstarr every single day, and still have them continuously inspire me. Guru’s rhymes have been a huge part of my life. Made me realize that it’s ok to err, it’s ok to be emotional it’s ok to be who you are. To love, to respect everyone, to continue to strive and hope for the best…to be the best!
    “Hard to Earn” was the 2nd. thing I’ve ever worked hard to have (Still have the cassette!). I wanted that record so badly! I had to have it! Once I did…I could not believe how sweet it was to savor it.
    “Hard to Earn” was the intro, but “Moment of Truth” made me a loyalist. I cannot thank Gangstarr enough for what I’ve learned from them. I cannot thank them enough for all the moments that I’ve recited “Moment of Truth” when things got tough. I miss you guys. I miss you Guru! I miss you Primo! RIP Gifted One and thank you!

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  8. 3011
    Robertas Zabulis

    RIP Guru, You are the best Mc’s who’s not just be in Hip Hop, but and out of Hip Hop, Jazz Music :)
    Salute to Hip Hop World Wide
    Smoke the G in 420 people !

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  9. 3010

    Dear Guru, For many years I have enjoyed your music. It has strengthened me, hearing you being ‘real’, being yourself and keeping it down to earth. I hope your music will life on. I’m confident the skills you brought will ensure this. All the best to posterity. – Christian

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  10. 3009
    Lewis Taylor

    First discovered on Tony Hawks all those years ago. I love your raps and your attitude towards life.

    Peace from England.

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