July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3003
    Kemar ESB from France

    Guru, thank for your music. My favorite song was code of the streets you made with Primo. A Materpiece. RIP

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  2. 3002

    form slovenia

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  3. 3001

    A true legend, that will never be forgotten. Moment Of Truth always gets me through tough times with those incredible lyrics. I thank you for that!

    Will always proudly rep your music in Australia!


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  4. 3000
    j. hart

    RIP. You may be mono-toned but you are not alone brother. May GOD be your next rap duo. I remember when I met you in passing on the street and you were as kind as a brother should be. I will miss that dynamic voice

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  5. 2999
    Ira Peterson

    I remember back in ’96 when I bought Hard To Earn used on cassette tape from a local record store. I listened to it so much I wore it out. I still listen to Gang Starr and Guru every single day. His music will live on with me forever. He is most definitely my favorite artist. Aiiight Chill…

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  6. 2998
    E Garcia

    I will never forget how I came to love Gang Starr. Between the killer beats and Guru there was no one else I’ve ever heard that sounded this nice! I recall times were rough for me back in the day, I didn’t have funds for kicks or gear but I was so happy to have my friend “T” hook me up tapping all his albums.

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  7. 2997
    Marcus Wilkerson

    I want to thank you GURU and those who share your legacy. I can’t forget the inspiration that you and DJ Premier provided for me and my peers growing up in The Sigma Beta Club….an affiliated organization with Phi Beta Sigma (an organization that I am a part of) designed to shape the minds of young black males.

    GURU your posture and presence was just as profound as your honest lyrics that seemed to cross class lines…on the black experience, the human experience and the importance of culture, identity, family and consciousness.

    Yesterday, I downloaded some of my favorite Gang Starr albums and was reminded just how much you and Premiere influenced me. Your references leaded me to the most conscious artists and inspired me to keep writing my story from Tracy Chapman, to Miles Davis….most importantly, as I go through my own life, with similar, and a lot of time…unique situations, somehow, even though I am from another place in the country- even though I’ve made some choices that you would not have made, I know that you would have wanted me to tell this story as best and as clear as possible, This is the way you did it. You have said many important things. You’ve touched many souls all across the globe. Thank you. You will forever live in the deepest part of my heart as one of the most influential artists of my life.

    I used to come home and go down to the basement where my room was in high school…and write to ambient music. There were a lot of artists that I listened to during that era, but some how going back to your recordings inspires me to go back to the essence….yet again, following in your footsteps.

    With love,

    Marcus L, Wilkerson

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  8. 2996

    Just listening to Gang Starr.


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  9. 2995
    Chris Stankowitz

    God bless! Love your work. You changed the world. It will forever know your impact.


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  10. 2994

    Rest in peace, Guru. You changed the world of hip-hop for me. I remember chilling with my best mate listening to GangStarr at the back of the class in school. Your one of the reasons I fell in love with hip-hop. Happy hunting in heaven, my man. Keep spittin’ those bars with Jesus. R.I.P

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