July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 2991
    Mario Farina
  2. 2990
    Mario Farina

    https://www.facebook.com/Casti13B?ref=ts&fref=ts. This is a poctures that i did with airbrush….for owr brother GURU

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  3. 2989

    Rest in peace Guru

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  4. 2988

    Will miss u Guru.. Your ryhmes were thoughtful and head and shoulders above the rest of the so-called MCs in the industry..

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  5. 2987

    This was a good man with a good message. The music industry is so corrupt. It wasn’t his time and you can call me crazy, but I think global elites have something to do with his death. May you rest in peace, Guru.

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  6. 2986

    I had listened but not truly heard Guru and Premier sadly until right around the time of Guru’s passing. We truly lost a musical genius and by all accounts a good man. I take solace in being able to hear the wisdom left behind on the tracks he left the world. It speaks to all colors, all creeds and all people regardless of musical preference. I send my belated condolences to the entire Elam family and thank you for sharing Guru with the entire wolrd. R.I.P.

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  7. 2985

    I’m so sad about finding out about your death, thank you for speaking out for a generation of people who care about love and soul rather than bitches, guns and money. Ahead of your time in more ways than one, thank you to Gurus parents for raising such a fine man and human being. You will be in my mind, and in my mixes :) One love brother

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  8. 2984

    Man I discovered Guru way to late. I’m only seventeen and I first heard a Guru track in 2010. I never got to see him live. Now he is in heaven. Rest In Piece Guru. We know you’re up there. Hoping to see you one day at the heaven gates. We miss you everyday. Gang starr for life

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  9. 2983

    May Allah bless your soul, rest in peace.

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  10. 2982
    Dumisani Kunene

    Since Im young n from a distance in RSA. I only knew Guru in 2003 from the GTA3 game but did not know that it was the artist that made the hit with AngyStone. Surprisingly for not being informed my brother & I played a Guru a lot in 2010 almost everyday while traveling on the train to college. It was a tribute by miracle because we were both not aware that he has passed away. R.I.P G.U.R.U much respect

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