July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3100

    As a kid my dad used to play the Jazzmatazz albums a lot. When I got older I started listening to Gang Starr records and Guru became one of my favorite rappers. This man was truly a genius, a legend and a prophet. I almost can’t listen to Moment of Truth without crying. Rest in peace to our brother Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. Truly one of the brightest and most beautiful flowers in God’s garden.

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  2. 3099

    A Boston Brother that held it down for Brooklyn and Hip Hop. Guru never lost his way in the industry. One of the most talented rappers with TRUE skills to EVER Bless the Mic. RIP my Dear Brother.

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  3. 3098

    It was somewhere in the 90’s that I visited the GangStarr show in Hedon Zwolle. I don’t think I have ever seen a better Hip-Hop show in my life. I still listen to your music and the sad news of your passing has only reached my now, but the hearing your voice always brings me back to that moment that you and Premier shared your greatness with the world in that little venue in the Netherlands. Thankful and with deep respect of your work I send you (and you family )this thought. R.I.P. True Hip-Hop hero.

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  4. 3097

    It is so sad you left us. You were truly an artist who gave us more than just music. R.I.P. Guru

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  5. 3096
    Erica L Elam - Medlock

    I always wondered if you were a distant cousin. You looked like family,and there aren’t many Black Elam’s in this country, so I sort of claimed you as my cousin! Sorry we never got the chance to meet,but i”n sure we would have gotten along very well! Peace and love to your family, especially little Keith. We all miss you so very much! Your wisdom and sensibility over Premier’s tracks were hip- hop gold! My husband still reveres your work to this day, as you are a strong influence on his work as an emcee. Hope to see you on the other side, cuzzo! With much love and respect,

    Erica Elam- Medlock ❤

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  6. 3095

    R.I.P Guru, truly one of the best. Still bumping your music in 2018

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  7. 3094
    Delight M. Masuku

    The music you gave us made sense. You are one of the few people that ryhmed with reason. Your lyrics were considerate. Gangstarr albums are a class of its own. We will miss you. Your music will always remind us of what quality hiphop is.

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  8. 3093
    René Enrique Roman

    My tribute entitled “Guru Salute” is also available for streaming on ALL streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube Music and MORE!
    Here’s the link to stream it on Spotify…

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  9. 3092
    René Enrique Roman

    I produced and recorded a tribute several years ago. I was honored to have you feature my tribute on this site. I greatly appreciate your support for my art and how I used it to salute the legend!

    I recently remixed my tribute and shot a video for it at a local cemetery. Here’s the video…

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  10. 3091

    Listened to Above The Clouds for the first time today. Inspired me to leave a tribute. RIP Guru.

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