July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Guru Jazzmatazz Tribute

Bad Perm wrote a Guru Tributes highlighting his Jazzmatazz… Read Article: Guru’s Jazzmatazz – “An experimental fusion of hip hop and live jazz”
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In Memoriam

In Memoriam Keith ‘GURU’ Elam July 17th 1961 – April 19th 2010
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Win 2 free Guru The X Label...

NCAA College Basketball Tournament is here! This was a favorite for Guru to watch. He loved this time of year. In honor of him we will hold a free bracket tourney. The winner will receive two Guru The X Label t-shirts of their choice….So...
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“When it comes to a “Natural”, Biggie fits the description 100%. My time with him always came with a laugh and then another and then another even when he was dealing with a good or bad situation in which i have witnessed both. I...
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Pharrell gives Guru his just do!

Pharrell from N.E.R.D who has worked with Guru on several projects (e.g: “Supa Luv,” “All I Said”) give Guru his just do…
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Guru (Gang Starr) Exclusive Interview…

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Gang Starr – “Just To Get a...

Hard to believe but this month marks 21 years since the release of Gang Starr’s sophomore album, Step In the Arena. The LP’s lead single, and some would argue, the definitive Gang Starr song, “Just To Get a Rep,” neatly encapsulates all the group’s...
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Guru & Grant Hill Fila Commercial

In the spirit of the NBA season’s return we can’t help but remember the Fila commercial Guru laced with Grant Hill. Dope!
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DJ NUTS (Top Brasilian DJ) rocking the...

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GANGSTARR “Side A & Side B” A...

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Guru’s contribution to hip-hop

“OK so we’re straight avoiding any conjecture or getting wrapped up in the chaos leading up to the passing of one of our greatest hip-hop artists, we’re staying strictly on some fan shit for this one. We’re certainly not posting any final letters or...
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DJ Premier Write Up On Demo tape

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Write Up on GURU (Keithy E) Demo...

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(GURU) Keithy E Demo Shoe & DJ...

Someone’s early Christmas present! Keithy E Demo Tape Shoe & DJ Premier’s Shoe. Also a signed Hard To Earn Tape by Guru. This is just to dope! The world champ belt behind the items is fitting. Jealous!!!!
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Keithy E Demo Cassette Tape

THE X LABEL brings to you a limited edition recreation of Guru’s (MC Keithy E) Demo Cassette Tape. This recreation of Guru’s demo cassette tape consist of the exact image Keithy E made for the cover, Keithy E’s handwriting of the songs on the...
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