July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Watch the Video Guru Video Tribute

Australia’s premier video scratch DJ has recently compiled a special, one-of-a-kind video tribute to the legendary Keith “Guru” Elam. With the help of Serato Video-SL, DJ Flagrant has cut, scratched, sliced and diced some of the best music videos and rare footage of Guru...
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Watch the Video VINTAGE: Gang Starr Interview 2003

A lot of unreleased interviews are being released in this last week. DJ Premier blog but I found this one quit interesting. Peep it out.
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Watch the Video DJ Premier Salutes Guru Live From HQ

DJ Premier blessed the world with his tribute to long time friend and music partner, Keith Elam a.k.a GURU. Download
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Listen to Audio Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga Salute

Paying respect to Guru, Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga goes deep with lyrical artistry
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New Jersey Guru Memorial Wall

DELVE, Will Kasso and Leon Rainbow threw up a piece in New Jersey in memory of "a legendary emcee who left a wealth of material for future generations to come."
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Watch the Video VDJ Chris Landry Guru/Gangstarr Salute

Video Disc Jockey Chris Landry gives us a raw, uncut video mix of some prime Gangstarr tracks. GURU/ GANG STARR SALUTE from chris landry on Vimeo.
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Watch the Video Time Elapsed Drawing Of Guru

Canadian producer/emcee/artist, Rsonal The BeatChef took time out from his busy schedule to bless us with a time elapsed drawing set to “Transit Ride” from Jazzmatazz Vol 1.
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Listen to Audio Guru & Mendoughza Freestyle

Brooklyn's finest Guru and Mendoughza go verse for verse on CM Fam A Lam in 2000.
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Watch the Video Jazzmatazz Live at France Festival (2001)

DJ Premier Blog dough a little deeper… Here we have some pretty rare live show from Guru’s Jazzmatazz
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Listen to Audio Czech Republic Duo Tribute Song

Diesel Jay and DJ Opia of the Czech Republic drop some heat paying homage
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Listen to Audio The Kumite: Gang Starr Salute

Atlanta emcee Methuzulah brought together some of the ATL’s underground for this tribute to Gang Starr
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Watch the Video Filmmaker Byron Hurt Pays Tribute

Byron Hurt, director of Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes put together this video tribute of never before seen footage of GURU while on the set of “Rite Where You Stand.”
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Listen to Audio DJ Lord Sear GURU Tribute Mix

Lord Sear took the time and hooked up a mix for Guru. Thank you Office Thug (Zac Young) for the link.
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Graff Writers Throw Up GURU Memorial

Four Graffiti artists ( Sephia, Ewil, Risk, Duon) from Trnava, Slovakia paint a mural in remembrance of the late, great GURU:
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Watch the Video The Game and Ghostface talk GURU

Vibe.com catches up with The Game and Ghostface about how GURU influenced them and the Hip-Hop community >
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Watch the Video Gang Starr Live @ in France (2003)

Keep enjoying him to the fullest! GURU! Got more rare shit to be honest.
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