July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Posted by:  Justin (The X Label) On: 27.06.12
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Dj Premier, Drake, and KC (Guru’s Son) Picture!

Check this photo from a few weeks ago while Drake made the New Jersey stop of his Club Paradise Tour he linked up with legendary producer DJ Premier & Guru’s Son KC for a photo backstage.

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6 comments to “Dj Premier, Drake, and KC (Guru’s Son) Picture!”

  1. 6

    great loss, r.i.p guru, he was like a father through his teachings

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  2. 5
    Joe Cent

    RIP Guru, tiz been long but, but you still reign as one of the best lyricists and rhyme master of all time!

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  3. 4

    Guru , i always wanted to find your site and i know your out there somewhere. God bless you man cause in 93 – 94 my mum use to buy me your tapes man . Since i heard gangstarr for the first time (ages ago ) i was able to find mind thinking lyrical comfort for my life. i was about 9 – 10 when i started listening to your lyrics and if i was to compare all my years of rap music i heard to most of the stuff they play i wouldnt hesitate to say that Gangstarr is made to represent the stars.
    Thanks for your music . Marcos Alvarez. not forgetting D.J premier.

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  4. 3

    Feel good drake……………….. Take me to your brotherhood. I know is difficult but Try cos i wanna join.

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  5. 2

    There is nothing wrong in marching Together in sense, mr. GURU pls if you can rich drake for me, help me tell him that am one of his best fan down here, i’m kc~klazz and i do rap, i’m seeing vision that am gonna work with drake when the time comes, ma line 07060504189

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  6. 1
    selecter Smart

    thank you for the wise words.im still learning.guru and premier 4 ever…i love and miss you. selecter smart holland.peace.

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