July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Posted by:  Justin (The X Label) On: 25.06.11
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Elam’s Family Conmemorance

After Guru’s passing a couple members of the immediate Elam family decided to honor Guru by way of tattooing something to their bodies that represent him. Guru’s brother (Harry Elam Jr) was the first person to get his tattoo. He honored Guru by getting a tattoo of the Gangstarr logo on his right shoulder blade. Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff (guru’s first nephew) was the second person to get a tattoo. He had the Gangstarr logo tattooed on his left forearm. Guru’s sister (Patricia Elam) was next to get her tattoo. She had “Peace Guru” 7/17/61- 4/19/10 tattooed on her left wrist. Lastly, Guru’s second nephew (Denzel Ruff) had the Gangstarr logo and Uncle Keith “Guru” Elam tattooed on his left shoulder. Both Justin & Denzel plan on adding to their tattoo. Justin will get some of his favorite lyrics from Guru tattooed around his left forearm. Denzel wants to create a full sleeve on his arm with Guru’s lyrics and other images as an ode to him. This is one of the many ways the Elam family is remembering their beloved Guru.

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    James Ericks

    Dope very dope.Its impossible to describe the influence this man had on my life coming up.I mean weather it was upping my swagger or providing a soundtrack that guided through various introspective moments of my life My g had the formula.rep you always miss you always..sincerly looking to the sky for you always

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