July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Posted by:  Tineke inTOWN (Webmaster) On: 12.01.11
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Listen to Audio Lights – 1st Guru Tribute 2011

The first received Tribute to Guru of 2011:

A tribute to Guru by Chinch 33 (scratches / Germany) & Wildelux (lyrics / New York), instrumentals/beat produced by Addicted 2 Tapes (Germany):

Lights By Wildelux, Chinch 33, Addicted 2 Tapes (Guru Tribute) by Intown on Mixcloud

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4 comments to “Lights – 1st Guru Tribute 2011”

  1. 4
    Rico Ragged

    Gang Starr Foundation 4lifeÔªø

       3 x respect

  2. 3
    Rico Ragged

    We Lost a Teacher…… We lost a leader… We lost a “Father”…we lost guidance… And now that Guru’s gone We’re lost HipHop Period!

    Much love to Guru and true hipÔªø hop. Return In Paradise, both…

       2 x respect

  3. 2
    Max Klabautermann

    iam grow up with Gangtstarr and guru’s Jazzmatazz ohhh man i really miss you… Guru rest in peace .. Gnagstarr 4 life !!!

       4 x respect

  4. 1
    Michael Wells Wishing Well Studios Burbank,Ca

    This blessed brother worked at my studio and brought a whole gang of knowledge with him as he composed and recorded one of his final recordings. We didn’t know that at the time….God Bless you Brotha Guru

       6 x respect

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