July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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The Story of Guru

BBC Radio 1xtra's: The Story of Guru

BBC Radio 1xtra's: The Story of Guru


Source: DJ Premier Blog

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4 comments to “The Story of Guru”

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    lumumba sixthsenze jatau

    GuRu is one of the thoughtful rapper I have ever heard, He has no comparison. He is my rhyming hero.

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  2. 3

    God bless you Guru… you left way to early. BUT PEOple will always appreciate the magic you made. Rest peacefully

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  3. 2
    anthony johnson

    As a Newyorker from south bronx and living in the UK i find it very shock and angry that these so called hip hop artist cannot pay a collective tribute to one of the the best who ever touch the mike

    (i am from the old school way back befor tupac and BIGGIE and left the bronx(wifey is british black) cos of its violevce you feel me

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  4. 1

    Thanks you for your influence. It has been a blessing for people that appreciate rap, jazz, funk combined with lyrics from the heart.
    We will meet again, hopefully not soon but if time comes, I hope you have another jazzmatazz ready! Best, Giliam

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