July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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Posted by:  Tineke inTOWN (Webmaster) On: 19.04.12
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A Salut from DJ Premier


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4 comments to “A Salut from DJ Premier”

  1. 4

    Best vocal rapper ever! Hes voice and premier’s beats rocks! No rapper can ever master their beats!
    Warm hugs from sweden!, Peace out!

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  2. 3
    Lillo Lepheana

    r.i.p guru, your message still lives in your records,

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    jeff reynolds

    Dear Guru, your wisdom and words represented your world and everyone else’s , I felt a brotherhood with you through your message and still after your passing to the other side I remember you every time. Your a poet who was able to express and share your wisdom through great music and I truly appreciate all that you’ve done. I wish I could’ve looked the man in the eyes to tell him. God Universal brother!

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    Your message is still clear

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